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Those ablest to sense the emotions and energetic feelings of another are being more clearly known, defined and named as Empaths. Names in the past include Sensitives or Wounded Healer archetypes. Empath is a more inclusive term as it globally defines the process by which an Empath functions in the world in addition to describing the challenges and opportunities that come with that particular organization of the energy fields. Many Empaths are unaware of their gift, the purpose of these feelings or how to live with such sensitivity. This leaves the Empath vulnerable to the energy of others. Confusion and sensations of being overwhelmed often follow. Empaths have always known they were experiencing more than others; that we more keenly sensed the emotions of those we encountered. However, there was no one teaching how to Be whole and yet sensitive in a world driven by fear and pain. 

Currently, many people believe humans are experiencing an expansion of Consciousness, a period of Spiritual evolution that is unprecedented in our history. We are leaving a time where most humans believe themselves to be separate from their experience, separate from each other, separate from nature and separate from God. This basic belief has been the very root of every dysfunction we have suffered in our history. This is truly a time of change. Our planet has been gifted with the Violet Flame of Transmutation through St. Germaine and as we enter a new period in our history we are opening to and understanding the concept of Oneness. Oneness is not a new teaching or belief. It is taught throughout our history. What is changing is our capacity to comprehend the entirety of this concept. Even science now teaches the concept of separation as a fallacy. Everything is energy, and all energy is connected. The illusion of separation is coming apart. There is much healing yet to accomplish. More people realize the futility of our old way of Being; that of being fueled by the fear of everything outside our skin. We are at the beginning of a new era, and the old paradigm is digging in as we push against its restrictions. 

There are many Empaths and Empathic healers that are feeling the rage and fear of losing power and this magnifies the discomfort and pain the Empath feels. Healer Heal Thyself is the command we must follow to eliminate the experiences of limitation, fear, confusion, and pain previously hidden. Empaths sheltered themselves from the outer world living out the archetype of the Wounded Healer. Empowerment is the key to correcting the syndrome. Healing of the Healer allows the individual to fully embody the range of empathic ability to know and heal others without the wound. The time of the “Wounded Healer” has passed. We are eliminating all labels and no longer require the ‘Wounded Healer.' It is time to stand in our Wholeness; to witness and lead the healing of all who also desire to be whole. Eliminating the wound corrects all the strategies Empaths use to attempt to function and “be” like others who are not sensitive.

Empathic Empowerment Training is a program of training with the skills and knowledge that easily bring an Empath to a field of energy that is multi-dimensional. That field of multi-dimension keeps you fully present in yourself- your own physical and emotional body while being aware of the singular discrete consciousnesses of Oneness. You are free to be fully aware of the energy and emotions of others without the requirement of experiencing those emotions. This is a Healed Empathic way of being in the world; powerfully sensitive. 

Empaths have always known they were experiencing more sensations than others. Are you unsure if this describes you? We only know what we have experienced. If you are chronically, unhappy, anxious, find the world a difficult place to be and make choices that keep you distant from others, you may want to ask yourself: are you an Empath?

Rian Dean is a gifted Healed Empath. He has created the Empathic Empowerment Training teaching other Empaths to know their own energy, their own emotions so well there is little chance they will ever be overwhelmed by the energy of another.  

Space for these workshops are limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing Space for these workshops are limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing Space for sign up. sign up. Space for these workshops are limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing Space for sign up. 

Space for these workshops are limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing these workshops are limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing these workshops are limited to just 8 participants so make your investment in your healing and sign up.

by Sharon Fedor
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We are Unable to Heal What We are Afraid to Fully Feel

                                     by Rian Dean
​Epigenetic tool for DNA Reformation 
created by M. Maynard, RN, BSN

Had a tough 2016? Interested is successfully kickstarting 2017?  Invest one hour in this reflection process and clear the mental and emotional debris of the past that can block your future good. 
Section a sheet of paper for the following six topics. 

(1) Regrets (2) Regards (3) Rememberances
(4) Results (5) Resentments (6) Risks

Set a timer for 10 minutes and focus on one topic at a time. Quickly jot down events, accomplishments, situations and feelings. After you have done all six lists, consider if you feel finished. If yes, create a ritual of completion. Some ideas are sealing the paper in an envelope and opening at the same time next year or burning with a prayer of release. Try shredding or ripping it into confetti with the joy of a job well done.

If you feel the list is incomplete, save the paper in a sacred space to review each new moon for patterns that are still in your heart. Work to cross off what troubles you or work to accept your loving progress as you feel the sensation of release. Informing your brain that you have an organized process for thought elimination and emotional notice for significant events, will reset your neurological pathways. 
Now move ahead with confidence, clarity and renewed energy to set your intentions and plans for 2017!

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Music of the Night
Kari Foreman

Personally, I don't know the difference between an aria, an opus, or a movement, but I do know that each and every night I get a personal symphony in bed as my husband snores. It is the same symphony, night after night, and I know each and every stanza. It begins within 2 minutes of his head hitting the pillow, and it goes something like this: first, I hear a light breathing pattern, like a gentle breeze on a warm summer's eve. It is just the warm-up. The light breathing is followed closely behind with what sounds like a small air puff, which sounds like "poo", with emphasis on the "p". This puff could blow out a candle....and maybe even a whole birthday cake's worth. I may have to try that one night. At this point I feel as if I could fall asleep with the gentle airflow pattern, but then he swiftly moves into what I affectionately call The Flapping Lips. It resembles the sound a horse makes just after the neigh. I find this surprisingly amusing, and I realize I may not be sleepy after all. Following the FL's, I hear a purr that develops into a moan, which eventually sounds like a growl. For a fleeting moment I feel grateful that my husband is an animal in bed. So to speak. The growling turns into a classic snore for about ten to fifteen minutes, then it seems to morph into a whistle that is in the key of B flat. I know what is a coming next: the heavy breathing that leads to his signature snore, The Train Stop. Imagine a train letting off its air brake over and over and over again "Psssshhhh....". Now I am beyond sleepy and look down to see if I have my cranky pants on. And yes, I do. I recognize though, and am somewhat comforted that he is nearing the end of his musical masterpiece. I listen for the build-up in decibels, the throaty climax ... (umm, no) the throaty crescendo, which ends in a loud snort, and then silence. My heart begins to race because I know I only have about a 5 minute window to fall asleep before it all begins again. Now it is my turn to snore. I hope. I can do it in the key of C. 

Ms. Foreman is happily married for many years and is grateful whenever she hears her husband snore;  "Well, good he's still with me!"
Sleep is a Five Letter Word


Kari Foreman

            Sleep is a five letter word, but I have often referred to it in four-letter terms when it eludes me. For the most part, I sleep like a baby. A new-born. One that wakes up every couple of hours during the night, cranky and hungry, wanting to suck on something, wondering where I am, needing to be cuddled, and having to tinkle; I am swaddled in a tangled mess of sheets and blankies and find myself lying in a fetal position. I’m not ready for diapers yet, but I am sure that will be right around the corner as well. 
  Most people take sleep for granted. They put on their jammies, turn back their covers, climb into a cool, soft bed, and it’s off to la-la land until the alarm rings the next morning. My husband is like that. The moment his head hits his Tempurpedic pillow he is out cold. I can tell because his breathing becomes regular and snorty: not quite snoring, but close. How does he do that? My sister is another one. She can fall asleep the minute she buckles up on an airplane. While I am white-knuckling the take-off, drink in one hand, making the sign of the cross with the other, she calmly closes her eyes and falls into a nice relaxing slumber. My youngest son also falls into this category. He will catch 40 winks in a noisy study hall at school, waking up refreshed when the bell rings, drool down his chin, and a spiral indentation on his cheek from his notebook. It’s a gift. These people just do not know how lucky they are.
  Some nights it’s a matter of falling asleep, others, it’s a matter of staying asleep. I always start out with good intentions. I carefully choose the most comfortable pajamas I can find in my drawer. Some pajamas bring me more luck in the sleep department, so I always choose them first. They’re the ones that don’t twist or get bunched up at my knees or elbows during the night. It might be flannel or fleece or velour depending on what moves me at that particular time. On rare occasions, I put on a negligee. At least I recall having done that. It’s been a long time. I used to always sleep in the buff, but that changed when I had kids. I don’t want to scar them for life if they happen to meet me on a bathroom run in the middle of the night. Plus you never know if the smoke detector might go off. My neighbors would never forgive me.
  After meticulously choosing my pajamas, I decide if it is Sleepytime tea or a nice cup of warm milk to calm and relax me, although sometimes nothing but a shot of Jack Daniels will do. I climb in bed, do a little meditation, and it’s off to the races.
  I always start out the night on my left side. It seems like the right thing to do after 30 years of marriage. At least I give my husband a glance before I try to fall asleep. I have a pillow behind my back, one between my legs, one or two under my head, and one to squeeze. I used to spoon with my husband, but now one or both of us get too hot, so I squeeze a pillow instead. It doesn’t sweat. 
  Shortly after I lay down, I start to think about how I might be more comfortable on my other side. Thinking is never good when you want to sleep. I try to fight off the feeling, but before long I give in, and I roll over, taking my entourage of pillows with me. Within minutes I roll to my back and look for a cool area on the sheets. I flip my head pillows over, and the squeeze pillow goes under one arm, and I move my back pillow under the other arm. By this time I kick off my socks and begin to wish I had chosen the velour instead of the fleece. My eyes are open wide, and there is not even a hint of a yawn. 
 “If only the sheets were 500 thread count and not the scratchy “no-thread” count I bought because they were on sale.” “If only I had a new mattress.” “ If only my husband didn’t snort…” I find myself rolling back and forth so many times that I want to cry like that baby again.  
  Last night in between a toss (or was it a turn?) I went on the internet and looked up sleep disorders on Web MD. I can diagnose anything by looking up Dr. Web. There are over 100 sleep disorders listed. Psychophysiological Insomnia was one of them. Not sleeping makes me a little psycho, so that might be my problem. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome was another disorder. My sleep is most certainly delayed, so that might be it. Idiopathic Hypersomnia sounds like a plausible diagnosis for me as well, or it could simply be Periodic Limb Movement Disorder or even Paradoxical Insomnia. 
  Although I could get a Polysomnography (sleep study) to figure it all out, I am quite certain it all comes down to menopause. Dr. Web assures me that I am going through the “change” and sleeplessness is all part of that wonderful package. Not to worry, he says menopause symptoms may only last for another 15 to 20 years. Just in time for the diapers.