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Susanna Margaret Goulder helps women who are ready to start a new chapter of life discover their soulful purpose and thrive.

Susanna has a special expertise with the challenges of overwhelming responsibilities combined with the strong desire to help transform this world that face women today. People report that Susanna has a gift of connecting them with their deepest truth and that they experience increased optimism, clarity of purpose and awareness of actions to take after working with Susanna or listening to her presentations.

Susanna is owner of Live Your Good Life Coaching. She is a Spiritual Catalyst, Interfaith Minister, Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, Visiting Faculty at Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and a Professional Speaker.

In the first chapter of her life, Susanna enjoyed 20+ years as a Set Decorator in Motion Pictures and Television. She was the original set decorator of "Sex & The City".

Susanna is married to her beloved David and is step-grandma to seven awesome grandkids.
Susanna Margaret Goulder  GPCC, ACC

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Susanna Margaret Goulder At-A-Glance
Area(s) of Expertise: Speaker, Life Purpose Coach, Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Catalyst, Healer
Company Name: Live Your GOOD LIFE Coaching
Contact: or (216) 255-9705
Business / Practice
Susanna works with entrepreneurial women age 47 and up (primarily) who are about to start a new chapter of life and are seeking to discover their soulful purpose and thrive.

Clients who worked with Susanna have
  • Realized their soulful purpose
  • Learned techniques to quiet their overactive and judgmental thinking mind
  • Accepted their self-worth
  • Increased awareness of their natural talents and strengths
  • Clarified their core beliefs and values
  • Discovered truth that had been evasive and aligned with their authentic self
  • Built a strong business foundation for their purpose to thrive
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Susanna provides Life Purpose Coaching for entrepreneurs, professionals, and empty nesters looking at a new chapter of life and wondering what to do. Primarily woman, this person has a yearning she can't ignore to do something meaningful, help people, and make a difference in the world. Life Purpose Coaching  provides crystal clear clarity that is invigorating, encouraging and motivating as it gently removes obstacles, including self-doubt, that stand in the way.

Susanna also provides Life Purpose Business Coaching to entrepreneurial woman who seek to learn how to thrive living a purpose-driven life. Practical business skill development and clarity for action resulting in reduced anxiety and overwhelm.

If something within you knows that it's time to listen to your soul, discover your purpose, and thrive living your Susanna now at: or at (216) 255-9705.
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Want to learn more?  Visit for more about Susanna, information about her services, and resources.

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Susanna Margaret Goulder  GPCC, ACC
Live Your Good Life Coaching


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Classes/Events Held at Centered Wellness Campus in Westlake Ohio
which resulted in....
  • Goals being met much more quickly with less effort
  • Stress levels reduced by half
  • A calmer state of being
  • Increased energy
  • Clarity of action
  • Waking up each morning enthusiastic and happy about what life has in store
Book Susanna To Speak To Your Members, Congregants, Women's Groups, Women's Business Associations, Networking Meetings, Conferences, Churches and Spiritual Organizations.

Susanna customizes each presentation to fit your objectives plus your group's personality and needs.

Talk Titles include:

"Compass To Happiness"
"Accessing Your Infinite Potential"
"Life is a Dream: How To Make It Magnificent!"
"A Peace Beyond Understanding"

For more information contact: or at (216) 255-9705

Would you like to increase the Universal vibration, shift the consciousness, or change a belief surrounding a person or situation? Susanna has a gift of prayer and guided meditation. Need prayer? Contact Susanna for a powerful prayer or guided meditation.

Workshops include:

"Compass To Happiness"
"Cultivate Inner Peace: Tap Into Higher Consciousness"
"Prayer Partner Workshop for Quantum Leaps"
"Skills of a Samurai Supervisor: Empowering Self and Others"
"Get Clients Now!  - For Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Professionals
Contact Susanna at: to:

  • Have a complimentary coaching session to learn how coaching will help you discover your soulful purpose.

  • Have a complimentary coaching session to see how coaching will help you thrive in your soulful business purpose.

  • Book Susanna to speak at your next conference, meeting, service or event.

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