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Staci Newring is an empathetic and compassionate ordained minister who's goal is to "teach, heal and empower." Staci combines various styles of Reiki including, Usui, Shamanic and Practical Reiki as a part of her practice. In addition, Staci has studied Basic Theta Healing. She has also studied Grief Intuitive Numerology and Career Intuitive Numerology under Author Sue Frederick. Staci uses Numerology to help grieving loved ones connect with their deceased loved ones in order to bring peace into their lives again.

Staci Newring
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Staci Newring At-A-Glance
Area(s) of Expertise: Shamanic Reiki Master, Practical Reiki Master, Theta Healing, Intuitive Numerology, Grief Work
Company Name: East&West Connections
Business / Practice
Staci has partnered with Mary McNeal to create "East & West connections which is an expression of their combined healing abilities.

Shamanic Reiki, Practical Reiki,and Theta healing which is an energy healing modality created by Vianna Stibal. This work evolves connecting with the Creator in order to clear up negative belief systems.
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Staci Newring
Staci Newring


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