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Sheila offers realistic solutions to mothers, fathers and children with ADHD so they can maximize their natural talents and strengths and minimize their daily challenges, promoting family harmony and a strong foundation at home with a natural extension into the world.  Appointments are available in-person in the Cleveland area or nationwide via phone.
Sheila Buchanan
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Sheila Buchanan At-A-Glance
Area(s) of Expertise: ADHD Family Coach, Life Coach
Contact: (216) 215-4713
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Sheila brings 18 years of personal experience as a mother of two boys who did not naturally thrive in a typical school setting, one of which was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8.  She identifies with the struggles that parents face when raising a child with this unique brain wiring and has found personal success for her own family through her training at the ADD Coaching Academy, a fully accredited Life and ADHD Training Program.  She is currently completing certification through ADDCA for ADHD and Life Coaching.

Sheila offers a unique approach to helping every member of a family that is affected by ADHD by blending her gifts as a Reiki Master healer to calm the mind and re-balance the energy centers of the body with her training and personal experience as a coach and mother to implement daily structures that make life easier and more joyful for the whole family.

Sheila will soon offer a combination of coaching and reiki healing sessions for the following:

  •      Mothers/Spouses with ADHD
  •      Fathers/Spouses with ADHD
  •      Children with ADHD
  •      College students with ADHD

She is currently accepting clients to fulfill her coaching requirements for certification from the ADD Coaching Academy, which will be complete in November of 2016.  She is also in the process of obtaining certification from the International Coaching Federation.  For a free consultation, call Sheila at (216) 215-4713.

Where To Start

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Sheila Buchanan
(216) 215-4713

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If you or a family member has been diagnosed with ADHD or is suspected to have ADD/ADHD, contact Sheila for a free consultation to determine if coaching can help.