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Centered Wellness Affiliation utilizes the facilities of Unity Spiritual Center, Westlake Ohio and various locations associated with our affiliates for classes, lectures, workshops and events.
Would you like to live a life free of mental and emotional pain?  Free of many of the physical ailments that create limits?  Using Sai Shakti, an ancient healing technique of Southern India, where I studied since 2000 and became a certified teacher, I can work with you to help overcome these obstacles.  Sai Shakti healing can help to eliminate stress, fear, anxiety, heartbreak, depression and mental and physical conditions.  I am, also, pleased to offer workshops and meditation classes, as well as exploring nutrition how it can enhance good health.

My mission is to bring a new kind of spirituality that creates peace and wellness in every person.

I am offering a free consultation so that we can develop a healing plan just for you.
Mesha Moor (Roberta Moorman)
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Mesha Moor (Roberta Moorman)  At-A-Glance
Area(s) of Expertise: Sai Shakti Healing, Meditation, Workshops, Nutrition
Company Name: Mesha Moor Sai Shakti Healing
Contact: 330-818-5536
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Mesha Moor  (Roberta Moorman)
Roberta Moorman (Mesha)


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