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Robert W. Alcorn, MD, is a board certified psychiatrist, practicing in Ohio. He is Medical Director of Alternative Paths, Inc., a community mental health center in Medina, Ohio, and is in private practice in Beachwood, Ohio, near Cleveland. After more than 40 years in the practice of psychiatry he has begun incorporating hands-on subtle energy treatments and shamanic interventions with his patients. The shamanic interventions include soul retrieval, divination, and removal of intruding earthbound spirits and other kinds of spirits.He is now using the fractal healing device, Trinfinity8  as a tool to assist in personal growth, transformation and healing of spiritual issues.

He is the author of Healing Stories: My Journey from Mainstream Psychiatry Toward Spiritual Healing, which is available from the author, or on

Rober Alcorn MD
Mind Transformation  |  Loving  |  Healing
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Area(s) of Expertise: Psychiatry, Energy Healing, Depossession, Fractal Healing
Company Name: Fractals for Ascension

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Dr. Alcorn is a psychiatrist who also does spiritual healing in a variety of ways: hands on energy work, trance based clearing, Soul Detective work and the use of mathematical algorithms (fractals) for healing purposes.

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Investigation of and removal of blocks to health, manifestation, relationships, psychic vision, and anything that impedes a person from fulfilling his/her life purpose.

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Visit the Fractals for Ascension  website to begin learning about Robert, his services, his book and his teachings. []

  • Stress and Pain Reduction
  • Renewed Energy & Vitality
  • Health Restoration
  • Beauty & Anti-Aging
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Robert W. Alcorn, MD
Fractals for Ascension


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