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At fifteen, I thought I would never want to do anything other than be a Nurses Aide in a nursing home. For ten years, even as I was earning a degree as a registered nurse, I knew I was doing an important job and was really making a difference. 

What I didn't know is that I learned every critical personal skill needed to be the practitioner I am today. Patience with everyone. No small thing is small to the person that needs it.  Be accurate. Measure correctly. Be honest and admit your mistakes, even if it gets you in trouble. Someone's life depends on you. Get it done at the right time. Listen to people who know more than you. Listen to people who you think know less than you-you may be wrong. Smile. Show up and be prepared to work.

Since that time, I have advanced my degree in nursing and become certified in many holistic health skills.   Along the way, I discovered that I had medical intuitive skills. I spend many hours fine tuning and clearing for accuracy in all my skills. My life is balanced by my children and grandchildren and great hobbys.
Mary Maynard  RN BSN APP
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Area(s) of Expertise: Medical Intuitive, Registered Nurse, CranioSacral therapy, Shamanic Reiki Master, Polarity Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Total Body Modification, Reiki Master, Legal Nurse Consultant
Company Name: Holistic Family Health
Contact: 216-228-0537
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Word of mouth has created and sustained my full time practice in Lakewood, Ohio as a holistic health practitioner for twenty plus years.  I appreciate the trust and confidence clients have in my care when they invite their children, parents, relatives and friends to be in my care. Being a part of the family support system allows me to use every aspect of my training and experience-whether it is in the office, hospital or remote healing and reading by phone. My holistic practice is international. I have created and teach certification in Shamanic Reiki nationally and am privileged to mentor incredibly talented students in forming and expanding their practices in varying skill bases.

From infant needs, elderly challenges, sports injuries, and developmental counseling to wellness and preventative health and fitness, my practice is exciting and I never stop learning.  I am active in both Western and Eastern Medicine. I belong to the Holistic Nurses Association and upgrade my training regularly.  I research and evaluate any method that will help client needs be met in the most efficient and effective way possible.  When asked to name "what I do", I think the most accurate name is quantum mechanics.

When asked to name "what I do", I think the most accurate name is quantum mechanics. The many modalities used to bring people to their best is an orchestration of Divine Order and I am so happy to be a part of the dance.

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Mary Maynard RN BSN APP
Holistic Family Health


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