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Kathy began working in child welfare and development as an advocate for troubled teens and children.  Kathy's life work and self-healing led to a deeper spiritual practice in ministerial leadership.  She was ordained a licensed minister in the state of Ohio in 1997 and has officiated several weddings.

Working with children and families culminated in developing Lowery Training Associates, with her husband, Brian Lowery, in 2005.  Many workshops have been developed which provide support to caregivers working with maltreated children in out of home care.  Kathy and her husband continue to provide workshops for caregivers and child welfare staff.

Continuing the journey, she was drawn to physical and energetic healing where she became a practitioner of Pranic and Shamanic Reiki.  Pranic Healing® is a highly evolved system of energy medicine that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes.   Shamanic Reiki is an ancient art of intuitive healing working with the Universal Life Force energy which runs through all things, removing blocks and restoring balance.
Kathy Lowery
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Area(s) of Expertise: Child Welfare Trainer, Shamanic Reiki Master, Advanced Pranic Healing and Psychotherapy Pranic Healing, Meditation, Licensed Minister, Wedding Officiate

Company Name: Joyful Rebirth: Waking Up The Healer Within
Contact: 440-897-0351 or

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Joyful Rebirth:  Waking Up the Healer Within

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Kathys mission is to wake up that healing energy within to assist you in your connection to your higher self which generates healing. She begins her practice by connecting to Spirit with compassion and love.  Kathy’s 30 years of study has given her the knowledge, experience and spiritual power to provide an atmosphere of safety and healing.

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If you feel stuck and would like to move to a more abundant life, contact me to work with you to help you manifest what you desire in your life.  Through intuition and ministerial training,  I offer a step-by-step process that really works!  Never limit yourself questioning the source of prosperity.  If you try to figure out the origin, you block all other possibilities! Let me show you how.

Stepping into my healing room, you experience a deep sense of connection to nature and beauty.  You will hear soothing music infused with natural sounds to assist you in relaxation.  As you relax on the reiki table and release all tension, you will experience healing. 

Using divine guidance, minerals, like salt and crystals, and natural plant life surroundings for my practice, I begin by scanning (intuiting the energy that surrounds you) for negative blocks, without touch, by placing my hands over you.  Using protocols and intuition, destructive patterns of behavior and negative blocks are removed.  With the Universal Life Force passing through me to you, the void within is restored to the original balance, awakening and manifesting the natural healing energy.  Healing is accelerated by increasing the life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground to address physical & emotional imbalances. This life force that flows is respected and honored.

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Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual distress, my healing modalities can help you return you to a balance of health and wholeness.

Begin your journey to a Joyful Rebirth and wake up the healing within you.

  • Learn to change your thinking patterns
  • Do experiential exercises to change the negative patterns and blocks that have held you back from the abundant life you deserve
  • Experience  Relaxation
  • Release Negative Blocks (emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual)
  • Allow the healing energy to bring you back to a place of balance and harmony

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Kathy Lowery
Joyful Rebirth: Waking Up The Healer Within


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