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Jim McDonald is the author of: Who Would I Be Without, Illusive Secrets: Discovering the Power of Self-Honesty, and Illusive Secrets 2: Embracing Your True Self. He acquired a BA degree specializing in Interpersonal Communication and Group Leadership. He spent sixteen years honing his group facilitation and public speaking skills as a corporate Training & Development professional. His continuing education includes emphasis on the Gestalt Appreciative Inquiry approach to human communication.

Jim has recognized personal victory over his lifelong struggle with codependency and addiction through the active synthesis of honesty, spirituality and self awareness into his daily living . A profound awakening process began for Jim in the early 2000’s and today his developing practice of suspending judgment is key to Jim's rediscovery of inner peace.

His education, training and life influences have shaped Jim into a dynamic and inspirational "Student of Experience™". He is a guiding force, sharing his powerful message of self-awareness and inner peace through printed materials, presentations, workshops and coaching sessions.

Visit his web site to learn more about Jim and his message.
James Patrick McDonald  LIMC
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Area(s) of Expertise: Coaching, Author, Student Of Experience™ Life Coach
Company Name: Student Of Experience
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Jim is the owner and founder of Studentof-Experience™, an interactive approach to self-discovery and Personal Growth.

Jim shares the Student of Experience™ practice through his personal coaching business, talks, and numerous books.
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Personal-growth oriented coaching.  Individual sessions conducted in person or over the phone.  Group sessions available - in person only.

Website design and development for entreprenuer, small business, hobby, etc.

Public and Motivational Speaking - The Student of Experience message taylored to your topic of choice.
Guided Practices Volume I  -  Audio
Guided meditations to facilitate your peaceful awakening spoken by Jim with soothing background music.

FUN STUFF from Cafe Press
shirts, mugs, bags and more with the customized Student of Experience logo.

"Let those around you know you embrace the principles of forgiveness, acceptance and non-judgment as the foundation for your life, and that you are a Student of Your Experience with these items bearing the Student of Experience™ logo."
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Visit the JamesPatrickMcDonald web site to begin learning about Jim, his services, his novel and his teachings. []

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James Patrick McDonald  LIMC
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