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I have been an artist and healer for over twenty-five years, independently and in hospital settings. Throughout that time I struggled for a way to combine those two passions: Healing people through art. I searched for a way to bring art and healing together while working in a large, urban emergency department. I spent time creating landscape wall murals in that place, providing a calm atmosphere in a place of pain and anxiety. The feedback was incredible!  People felt better surrounded by scenes of nature and calming animals. Expanding on that inspired me to further explore the practice of combining intuitive healing and art.

Environmental and natural art led me to a desire for a deeper understanding of the natural world and how we, as humans, relate to the animals who cross our paths every day.  As I learned more of their special gifts, I opened up my artistic side to my healer side, allowing my art to expand intuitively. My art has since centered on intuitive production of Spirit Guides and Powerful Places.  Opening ourselves to the messages sent through these beautiful creatures, increases our ability to heal and experience a joyful life.
Becky Maynard
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Area(s) of Expertise: Intuitive Art
Company Name: Shamana Prana
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Intuitive artist, skilled Spirit Guide watercolorist, digital artist. Meditative assistance with totem development.

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Digital and watercolor artistry of Spirit Guides and Powerful Places. Intuitive assistance with totem development.
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Becky Maynard
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