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Centered Wellness Affiliation utilizes the facilities of Unity Spiritual Center, Westlake Ohio and various locations associated with our affiliates for classes, lectures, workshops and events.
Centered Wellness donates a portion of all proceeds from our events to these organizations and groups in 2016
To form a community aligned in collaborative values that support transformative business professionals through marketing, networking and education for their unique contributions toward wellness for the planet, the nation, the communities, individuals and their companions.
Creating a community that supports the practices, services and products
that increase consciousness and healing to all. 

...or just browse the extensive list of knowledge, skills and abilities at your fingertips.  We welcome your questions-stay in touch!
Saturday May 26th
12:30 to 4:00 pm
5 Steps to Creating a
Wildly Successful
Heart Centered Business
Have something truly life changing to offer but just can’t quite create the level of success you know is possible?  If so, join Rev. Felicia Searcy where she will walk you through a proven spiritual success formula to help you create the kind of impact you know you are meant to make and the kind of income you would love!  
This event is a life investment that could cost you hundreds. Centered Wellness is offering the complete workshop as a donation only gift to you. We will start you on your way to a lifetime of unlimited abundance with all proceeds donated to the-
CW practitioners will be available following Felicia’s powerful workshop. Join us for a coffee and meet some of the quality professionals that make Centered Wellness transformative for you and your lifestyle.
 Let us support your unlimited success!
Christopher Witecki is a Master of Astrology supporting hundreds with the Sirius*JoY Personal Sensei system.  This advanced Life Coaching program sends several messages throughout the day offering information that will support, encourage and guide you with every aspect of your life.  You can receive these messages on line or through text service. If you are one of the first 100 presale ticket purchased for his event, Centered Wellness will rebate your $3.99 investment for the first month of service.
It is our present to you!

1.Link to his on line sign up  https://www.siriusjoy.tv/try-siriusjoy.html and purchase the service
2.You will receive a code in return confirming the purchase
3.Bring the printed code receipt to the Keynote event and receive your rebate in cash!
4.Any questions, email inrightform@yahoo.com